Garmin BC 20 Wireless Backup Camera

The Garmin BC 20 is a wireless backup camera that acts as your extra pair of eyes. The BC 20, specifically designed for RVs and tractor trailers, is the perfect companion for your RV760 LMT or Dezl 760LMT. The BC 20 makes reversing and parking stress-free by displaying rear view footage seamlessly to your navigator. Easily and clearly spot other vehicles, pedestrians or other obstructions in your path up to 45 ft away with its wireless transmission capabilities.


The Garmin BC 20 is very easy to use. When the camera is connected to your rear lights, simply put your vehicle in reverse and your navigator will automatically switch from navigation mode to rear view mode. Or you can choose to use a button to toggle effortlessly between camera and navigation mode. The BC 20 may be taken to your RV dealer for installation or you can install the camera yourself on the rear of your vehicle, connecting the camera to a power source such as your rear lights. With its robust design you can depend on the Garmin BC 20 Backup Camera to withstand many miles on the road, even in the harshest of weather conditions.


One you reach your destination, the Garmin BC 20 Backup Camera can also make parking easier by giving you a much better sense of how close you are to objects behind you, protecting against damage to your vehicle or to others.


Whether protecting small children, pets or pedestrians, parking in tight spaces, or preventing property damage, the Garmin BC 20 Backup Camera is sure to provide you with that added level of safety and security you need for greater peace of mind. Get your BC 20 Backup Camera at today.


Professional installation is recommended. Range varies based on installation. Some vehicles may require an extension cable (sold separately). Requires software version 3.00 or later. Update may be required.

Garmin BC 20 Wireless Backup Camera

Garmin BC 20 Wireless Backup Camera for RV760 and Dezl 760.
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