Want the performance of a High end transducer without drilling a hole in your boat? The Garmin 1KW In-Hull Transducer w/ID and Mounting Tank is the right choice. The tank gets glassed down to the hull and the transducer is submerged into a bath of mineral oil to help reduce false echoes. The powerhouse has 14 elements and will not lose any power shooting through solid fiberglass hulls. It is only compatible with GSD 22. Garmin # 010-10641-00

Garmin M260 6 Pin 1KW In-Hull Transducer w/ID and Mounting Tank

Garmin M260 1kW Transducer with In-Hull Mounting Kit. Perfect for high speed fishing boats or for anyone who does not want to cut a hole in their boat's hull. 50/200khz, Depth Only.
GAX10641   MAN#: 010-10641-00   ID#: 1324
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