Garmin TT10 Track and Train Collar for Alpha

Keep track of and correct your Dog’s whereabouts with Garmin’s TT10 Dog Device. When combined with the Alpha 100 you will be amazed at what features lie within this rugged and durable tracking collar. Not only will you be able to quickly locate Dogs, but also other people in your party or users of the Alpha 100.  The built in high sensitivity GPS receiver updates once every 2.5 seconds with training commands per 1 second, simultaneously measuring each dogs distance while traversing terrain , as well as speed and direction.  This is done by the internal GPS receiver that takes 18 levels of repeated stimulation and combines that with LED beacons and audible data which are activated by the Alpha 100 handheld unit.

Do you wish to prolong the battery life while out in the field? Simply switch the device to Rescue mode,  When the TT10 reaches a certain battery level, it will slow down the update rate at which it pings Alpha 100 from every 2.5 seconds to a moderate 2 minutes.  By using the Rescue Mode you get additional battery life to the collar you will have more time to locate your Dog.

Using the TT10 with even just one Garmin Alpha 100 handheld lets you track up to 20 dogs (additional collars required) or other hunters. Whether training, tracking or enjoying the outdoors with your dogs and the Garmin Alpha GPS, the TT10 dog collar will keep you in sync with their every move- quickly and accurately.

The product's radio functions are inoperable in Europe.

Garmin TT10 Track and Train Collar for Alpha

Garmin TT10 Track and Train Collar for Alpha
GAX0104140   MAN#: 010-01041-40   ID#: 3374
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Garmin TT10 Track and Train Details
Each Garmin TT10 comes with: TT 10 dog device with black collar strap, Charging Clip, AC Adapter, Vehicle Power Cable, User Replaceable Battery and a One-Year Warranty.


Garmin TT10 Track and Train Special Features
  • Tracks up to 20 dogs or hunters
  • Rugged and waterproof
  • 18 training levels
  • Tracking range of up to 9 miles
  • Continuous and Momentary stimulation