Raymarine's 600w dual frequency B765 LM Bronze Thru Hull CHIRP Transducer with fairing block will provide both depth and temperature and will operate in a low range of 40 - 75Khz and a medium range of 80 - 130Khz.. Low frequency beamwidth is 32 to 21 degrees and the Medium frequency beamwidth is 24 to 16 degrees. Designed for boats with Fiberglass or wood hulls over 30' in length.

Raymarine B765LM Bronze Thru-Hull CHIRP Transducer for CP450C

Raymarine Dual Frequency 600w Bronze Thru Hull CHIRP Transducer with Fairing block for Raymarine ClearPulse CHIRP CP450.
RAX80015   MAN#: A80015   ID#: 3428
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