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The Raymarine Evolution Autopilot System combines advanced aerospace guidance technology with Raymarine’s marine autopilot expertise to provide a new level of autopilot control and reliability. Raymarine has over-shot the expectations for sure making the Evolution Series one of the most advance Autopilots on the market yet keeping the interface as intuitive to operate as any other.


Evolution autopilots employ what engineers at Raymarine call Evolution “AI Control” Algorithms, which enable them to “perceive their environment” to instantly calculate and “evolve” a set of steering commands maximizing performance. The result is precise and confident course tracking, regardless of vessel speed or sea conditions keeping cash in your pocket and not at the fuel dock.


Setting-up an Evolution Autopilot takes around 30 seconds because there is no calibration required. First select the boat type – large power, small power, or sail; then select the drive type – hydraulic, mechanical, or outboard; finally you’ll choose the performance level – performance, cruise, or leisure. It’s just that easy to get setup and you’re ready to hit the open water.


At the heart of the Evolution autopilot system you’ll find the ultra-compact, EV sensor core which is a 9-axis heading sensor and full function course computer all in one. The EV is about the size of a typical marine GPS sensor and can be either bracket-mounted or flush-mounted horizontally. The durable sensor is built to IPX6 and IPX7 standards; and with superior engineering put into the EV’s design it can be installed above or below decks.

A SeaTalk1 to SeaTalk NG Converter Kit (RAX22158) may be required to connect to Earlier or Retired Raymarine Equipment.

Raymarine Software version 1.21 is also a minimum requirement.

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Raymarine Evolution EV200 Autopilot

The Raymarine Evolution EV200 Autopilot brings ease of installation, calibration and use, to the Autopilot market. With the EV1 Sensor Core, AC200 and P70R, your trips offshore will more relaxing and enjoyable.
Pump Required - Not Included With This Package
RAT70156   MAN#: T70156   ID#: 3814
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Raymarine Evolution EV-200 Details
Each Raymarine Evolution EV-200 comes with:V-1 Sensor Core, ACU-200 (actuator control unit), P70R Autopilot Control Head (power), and the Evolution Cabling Kit R70160 which consists of—1 x STng Power Cable (0.4m), 1 x STng Backbone Cable (5m), 1 x STng Spur Cable (0.4m), 1 x STng 5 Way Connector Block, 2 x STng T-Connector, 2 x STng Terminators and a Two-Year Warranty.
Display Size:3.5" LCD
Raymarine Evolution EV-200 Special Features
  • Simple Installation and Setup
  • Leisure, Cruising and Performance Modes for Flawless Operation
  • Precision Accuracy Within 2 Degrees No Matter the Sea Condition
  • Increased Mounting Options to Suit Most Any Make or Model Vessel
  • SeaTalk NG Connectivity To Easily Network With New and Most Earlier Raymarine Setups

Product Accessories for Raymarine Evolution EV200 Autopilot

The Raymarine Type 1 Pump for Autopilots is a 12 volt reversing hydraulic pump for use with boats with steering system fluid capacity of 4.9 cubic inch to 14 cubic inchs.
The Raymarine Type 2 Pump for Autopilots is a Reversing hydraulic pump for use with steering systems equipped with 14–21 cubic inch (230-350cc) hydraulic steering rams.
The Raymarine Type 3 Reversing Hydraulic pump is for use with steering systems equipped with 21-30.5 cubic inch (350-500 cc) hydraulic steering rams.
This Raymarine Cable is used as your SeaTalk NG Backbone Cable. Length 1 Meter.
This Raymarine Cable is used as your SeaTalk NG Backbone Cable. Length 20 Meter.
This Raymarine Cable is used as your SeaTalk NG Backbone Cable. Length 3 Meter.
This Raymarine Cable is used as your SeaTalk NG Backbone Cable. Length 400mm.
This Raymarine Cable is used as your SeaTalk NG Backbone Cable. Length 5 Meter.
This Raymarine Cable is used as your SeaTalk NG Backbone Cable. Length 9 Meter.
Raymarine Converter kit allows select SeaTalk 1 devices to interface and communicate on the SeaTalk NG data network. Plug and Play insallation.
Raymarine's 5-Way Connector is designed to connect 3 drop cables and 2 terminators.
The Raymarine SeaTalk NG Cable Kit comes with all of the parts you need to start a Seatlk NG Network.
SeaTalk NG power cable to power your SeaTalk NG Network.
The Raymarine SeaTalk NG Starter Kit includes all the pieces necessary to create a SeaTalk NG network on your boat.
Raymarine's Seatalk NG Terminator is used to begin or end your Seatalk NG Network Backbone.
Raymarine SeaTalk Ng to DeviceNet (NMEA2000) Female Adapter Cable
Raymarine SeaTalkNG T-piece connector.