Large Display with Simple Operation

Has Echo Sounder Waterproof Sunlight Viewable

The SVS760F is a great choice among stand-alone fishfinders. With it’s bright 7.5” LCD Color vertical display your underwater images including seabed and fish targets are clearly visible even in bright sunlight.

Reaching depths of 4,800 feet (dependent on 50/200kHz transducer selected as well as water clarity and conditions) the SVS760’s built in 600W digital sounder gives you the clearest presentation of what’s below, even at faster boat speeds by eliminating noise and decreasing clutter and allowing you to lock on to the smallest of targets and see them clearly.

Of the many enhanced features the SVS 760 offers, the white line/black bottom discriminator will assist you in distinguishing between the sea floor and bottom hugging fish. Add to that Auto/Manual Gain and Range selection, Bottom Lock and Zoom, A-Scope, Alarm Selections for changes in water temperature, depth readings and more as well as the ability to select from multiple fish symbols to differentiate which targets are being marked the SVS760F is an advanced fishfinder at an affordable price point.

Perfect for the recreational fisherman all the way up to the commercial captain, the SVS760F is a good choice for almost any angler. An IPX-7 waterproof housing is built to withstand the elements, but if mounted inside it can complement just about any boat as its compact size is non-intrusive. Simple operation, deep penetrating sonar readings and large sunlight viewable display make this a must have.

Sitex SVS-760 Color Fish Finder

The Si-Tex SVS-760F is a powerful 600W Dual Frequency Fishfinder. A Bright Color, Sunlight Viewable 7.5” Display enhances bottom composition and clearly displays fish targets below your boat. Rugged and Waterproof to IPX7 Standards.
Transducer Required and Sold Separately.
SI760F   MAN#: SVS-760   ID#: 4142
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Sitex SVS760F Details
Each Sitex SVS760F comes with: Sitex SVS-760F Display unit, Display Cover, power Cable, Mounting Bracket and Knobs, Manual and a One-Year Warranty.
Size:8.2"W x 8.4"H x 2.5"D
Sitex SVS760F Special Features
  • 7” color TFT LCD
  • 50/200 kHz digital sounder
  • Waterproof to IPX-7
  • Built in alarms
  • White Line/Black Bottom Discriminator

Product Accessories for Sitex SVS-760 Color Fish Finder

The Sitex Transom Mount Dual Frequency, 600W Transducer provides accurate depth, speed and temperature readings to your Sitex CVS-126, SVS-650 fishfinder or SVS-760CF.
Sitex B60 12 Bronze Low Profile Thru-Hull Transducer with 12 degree tilted element and temp is designed for boats with deadrise between 8 and 16 degrees. For SVS650, CVS126, CVS128 and SVS-760CF. Does not need Fairing Block.
Sitex B60-20 Bronze Low Profile Thru-Hull Transducer with 20 degree tilted element and temp. Designed for boats with deadrise between 16 and 24 degrees. For SVS650, CVS126, CVS128 and SVS-760CF. Does not need Fairing Block