Bright Color, Sunlight Viewable 7” Vertical Display


Marine GPS Waterproof Sunlight Viewable Has Echo Sounder New Product A powerful 600w echo sounder and chartplotter combination, the Si-Tex SVS-760CF delivers top notch performance at a fraction of the cost. The sunlight viewable, 7.5” LCD display will clearly and accurately display detailed navigational maps and fish targets. Capable of accepting C-MAP Max charts and Navionics Gold charts, the SVS-760CF allows you to view the chart that is best for your specific needs and region. A built-in 50 channel GPS receiver will quickly lock into satellites providing you with the most accurate location information available. 

Built in to every SVS-760CF is sounding technology that is unsurpassed to eliminate unwanted noise and clutter and will show fish targets at depth ranges up to 4,800 feetCall for Help with Marine Electronics (*Depending on Transducer). Receive a sharper image of the sea floor as you move along at faster speeds with bottom lock, auto/manual gain and range selection, and other added features. Storage for up to 20,000 waypoints, 100 routes, and 50,000 track points make this unit perfect to store all of your favorite fishing spots and routes and then recall them at a later date. For an all-in-one unit at a price that won’t break the bank, the SVS-760CF is the perfect option for any fisherman or recreational use boater.

Sitex SVS-760CF Chartplotter / Fishfinder with Internal GPS Antenna

Sitex’s SVS-760CF with built-in 50-Channel GPS Antenna finds and locks onto position quickly and efficiently while the powerful 600W echo sounder enhances bottom composition and contour as well as fish targets beneath your boat.
Includes Free C-Map Max East Coast Chart with Purchase. Please Call If Different Mapping Area Required.
SI760CF   MAN#: SVS-760CF    ID#: 4103
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Sitex SVS-760CF Details
Each 760CF comes with: SVS-760CF, Mounting Bracket With Knobs, Power Cable, External Antenna, C-Map MAX Chart, User Manual and A Two-Year Warranty.
Size: 7" W x 8" H x 2" D
Sitex SVS-760CF Special Features
  • Internal 50 Channel GPS Receiver.
  • Compatible With C-MAP Max And Navionics Gold Charts.
  • 7.5” Color LCD Display.
  • Stores 20,000 Waypoints, 100 Routes, 50,000 Track Points.

Product Accessories for Sitex SVS-760CF Chartplotter / Fishfinder with Internal GPS Antenna

C-Map MAX Wide NA-M021 Canada North and East on SD
C-Map MAX Wide NA-M022 East Coast and Bahamas on SD Card
C-Map MAX Wide NA-M023 Gulf of Mexico, Great Lakes and Rivers on SD Card
C-Map MAX Wide NA-M024 US West Coast on SD Card
C-Map MAX Wide NA-M025 Canada West on SD Card
C-Map MAX Wide NA-M026 Great Lakes on SD Card
C-Map MAX Wide NA-M027 Gulf of Mexico and Central America on SD Card
C-Map MAX Wide NA-M028 Alaska on SD Card
The Sitex Transom Mount Dual Frequency, 600W Transducer provides accurate depth, speed and temperature readings to your Sitex CVS-126, SVS-650 fishfinder or SVS-760CF.
Sitex B60 12 Bronze Low Profile Thru-Hull Transducer with 12 degree tilted element and temp is designed for boats with deadrise between 8 and 16 degrees. For SVS650, CVS126, CVS128 and SVS-760CF. Does not need Fairing Block.
Sitex B60-20 Bronze Low Profile Thru-Hull Transducer with 20 degree tilted element and temp. Designed for boats with deadrise between 16 and 24 degrees. For SVS650, CVS126, CVS128 and SVS-760CF. Does not need Fairing Block