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Furuno FCV 295 Digital Fish Finder
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Digital Fish Finding Technology on a 10.4 inch Display.

Furuno continues to provide some of the best fishfinders in the business, and the FCV295 is no exception. This unit boasts a huge 10.4”, high-resolution, waterproof LCD and enough power to mark the smallest baitfish at over 9000 feet. With 1KW, 2KW and 3KW power options this unit is perfect for any large boat or professional fishing operation.

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At the heart of the 295 is Furuno’s Free Synthesizer (FFS) technology and Digital Filter (FDF) technology. FFS permits a wide selection of operating frequencies (28/38/50/88/107/200 kHz). Pair it with a Furuno transducer and the FCV295 will automatically set the frequency for you. FFS also makes retrofitting older transducers virtually unlimited. Furuno’s Digital Filters optimize the gain to obtain highly defined images of underwater conditions and show target fish close to the seabed or in the water column. The digital filters also eliminate noise to deliver sharp and detailed echo presentation of the ocean floor or even individual fish with absolute clarity.


Another Furuno feature that is sure to help increase your catch total is Post-Process Gain Control. This allows you to adjust the contrast on targets that have already been detected, giving you a clearer picture of your target. The FCV-295 offers a wide variety of display modes and functions providing simple and intuitive operation for virtually any fishing requirement including single or dual frequency, single frequency plus zoom, zoom (bottom lock, bottom zoom or marker zoom), navigation data (when connected to a GPS) or A-Scope. All of these are easily viewed on an exceptional high-brightness, 64 color, fogging-free, 10.4” LCD display.

Please note that Power Cable is not included. (Furuno recommends 14 Gauge Power/Ground)

*Please call 1-800-477-2611 for Transducer Options.*

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