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DownVu and SideVu with Chirp All in One Black Box Module!


The Garmin GCV 10 is a powerful black box unit that provides innovative SideVu and DownVu CHIRP technology to your compatible Garmin echoMAP or GPSMAP series combos. Whether fishing in fresh water or salt water, you can depend on the GCV 10 to provide you with the most sophisticated sonar technology to help you locate fish that pass below and to the sides of your boat. CHIRP technology performance far exceeds the clarity and target resolution provided by standard sonar. It works by sending a continuous sweep of frequencies ranging from low to high that are interpreted individually upon return versus one frequency sent by standard sonars. The result is an unsurpassed, ultra-clear and high-resolution image. 

Features of the GCV 10 include a 12-pin DownVu/SideVu transducer (20 ft. cable) with a fast temperature sensor, enhanced target separation, a transmit frequency of 455/800kHz and a transmit power of 500 W per element. Maximum depths include 750 ft. with DownVu and 500 ft. left and right with the SideVu feature.  The GCV 10 also has the ability to expand with 3 network ports provided for advanced networking for multiple units. Mounting options include a new transducer jack plate or a step mount (sold separately). The unit is currently compatible with echoMAP 70 series, GPSMAP 721, 741, 751, 820, 840, 1020, and 1040 series.

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