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Garmin GHS 20 Wireless VHF Handset with GWH 20 Bundle
Item #: GA1118910
Our Price: $329.95

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Wireless VHF Communication Anywhere on your Boat

Operating your VHF has never been more convenient than with the wireless remote handset that allows for operation from a remote location for your VHF 200, 300 or 300 AIS series¹. The ergonomic designed handset has crisp and clear LCD display that is visible and bright. Within the handset you’ll find a built in rotary knob and soft key buttons to enter in and access information quickly and easily. One soft key is designated for quick access to distress calling. Included in this bundle is the GWH20 or wireless hub, which allows you to easily add up to 3 wireless handsets as well as an intercom feature. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides a fast charge and keeps your GHS 20 working longer. If you have been looking for ways to expand the communication part of your boat, the GHS20/GWH20 Bundle will far exceed standard VHF capabilities.

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