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2,400 W Peak to Peak Performance reaching depths of 1,750 feet


New Product Has Echo Sounder

Power and simplicity is packaged in the Garmin Echo 301c fishfinder, that comes right out the box ready to go. The 3.5 “ QVGA Color screen is easy to read in the sunlight and provides a clear picture of what’s below. The Echo 301c has several attractive features, one of which is the built in HD-ID sonar and it comes with a Dual-beam 77/200 kHz transducer with transom mount and trolling motor mount, (Supports 50/200 kHz transducer, sold separately). Fish symbol ID helps identify targets along with Autogain technology maximizing those fish targets while simultaneously decreasing clutter. Split screen zoom allows you bring that targets even closer in view. Go back over previous images to review information on areas you recently passed over by pausing the sonar.

Take the guesswork out of hard or soft bottom via Whiteline, and with the Smooth Scaling feature going in between deep and shallow waters a seamless continuous track. Ultra-sensitive Target Tracking gives you accurate fish echos, contour and any bottom structures. Water resistant to IPX7 can withstand exposure to the elements.The Real time window offers a crisper image of fish that are under the boat, all while giving you the option of opening a window to the right of the Echo 301c display. Even though it’s compact in size the 301C can be seen easily if you aren’t sitting directly in front of it- and the Quick Release mount means no plugging in- clip in and start locking in on today’s catch.

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