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Raymarine EV100 Wheel Pilot
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Simple Design, Operation and Installation!


The Raymarine Evolution EV-100 Wheel Autopilot pack is perfect for small to mid-size sailboats with up to a maximum displacement of 16,500 lbs. Whether you’re cruising, racing or out for a nice day of fishing, this is the perfect pilot to make those trips more enjoyable with less work.

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At the center of this system is the EV Sensor Core which evolves and automatically adapts to the specific steering traits of a vessel. These adaptive characteristics are made without any manual adjustments having to be made by the operator. The included ACU-100 provides a powerful and secure interface between the EV1 Sensor core, and your vessel’s steering system. All of the great features that this autopilot is capable of are controlled by the P70 Control Head. The P70 sports a Sunlight Viewable, 3.5” TFT Color LCD and a super intuitive menu selection that makes operation and control a breeze.

Most installations can be completed in only an hour or so including the sea trial. Choose from three customizable navigation modes including; Leisure, Cruising and Performance. These selectable modes are going to ensure that your vessel maneuvers and handles accordingly, regardless of current sea conditions. The Engineers at Raymarine have outdone themselves once again by developing one of the most reliable and easy to install autopilot systems on the market.

For more information or to purchase the Raymarine Evolution EV-100 Wheel Autopilot System please call 1-800-477-2611 or place the order online via www.thegpsstore.com.

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