Powerful, Stand Alone Dual Beam Fishfinder

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 The Echo 151 is a powerhouse of a fishfinder in a compact, waterproof design.  Built with a 4” grayscale, 256x160 pixel display, bottom tracking and target separation is easily seen.  Wider cone angles at 60/120 degrees will Call for Help with Marine Electronics allow you to see beyond just the sides of your boat, broadening the horizon on nailing that awesome fishing spot.  Features like Ultrascroll and Fish Symbol ID will show and help identify fish targets at higher boat speeds so you won’t miss out on hooking “the big one”.  An included temp sensor will help keep track of changing temperatures as you progress along if you’re looking for specific fish in certain water temps.

 Built in to every Echo 151is the HD-ID dual beam sonar operating at 77/200kHz, providing you with an accurate picture in shallow water and giving you the ability to read depths up to 1,600 feet depending on water conditions. AutoGain technology will minimize clutter allowing for better target separation and the whiteline feature will indicate whether there’s hard or soft bottom below the boat. The 151 Echo also supports a 50/200kHz transducer which can be purchased separately. The included 77/200kHz transducer can also be mounted on the transom or on the trolling motor allowing you to pick the best mounting option for your fishing needs. Simple to use and small in design, the Garmin Echo 151 offers great performance on the water.

Garmin Echo 151 Fishfinder

The Garmin Echo 151 Fishfinder uses Garmin HD-ID Sonar Technology to Clearly Display Targets at Depths up to 1,600 ft. in Freshwater. The 4” gray scale display makes this unit perfect for a smaller inshore or lake boat. Includes Transom/Trolling Motor Mt. Dual Beam Transducer.
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Garmin echo 151 Details
Each Garmin echo 151 comes with:echo 151,Dual-beam transducer with transom mount and trolling motor mount, Tilt/swivel quick-release mount, Power cable, Documentation and a One-Year Warranty.
Size:4.1" x 5.8" x 2.8"
Garmin echo 151 Special Features
  • HD-ID Dual Beam Sonar
  • 4” Grayscale Display
  • Reaches Max Depths Of 1,600 Feet
  • Operates On 77/200 &50/200kHz
  • Peak to Peak transit power 200w/1600w

Product Accessories for Garmin Echo 151 Fishfinder

Garmin Protective Cover for Echo 100, 101, 150, 151, 151dv, 300c, 301c and 301dv Units.
Garmin 10' Transducer Extension Cable for Echo Series
Garmin Transom Mount Speed Sensor for all Garmin Echo Series Fishfinders. Comes with 4-Pin Connector and 30' Cable.
Garmin Flush Mount Kit for Echo 100, 101, 150, 151, 151dv, 300c, 301c and 301dv
Garmin Power Cable for all Echo Fishfinders
Garmin Quick Release mount for Echo 100, 101, 150, 151, 151dv, 300c, 301c and 301dv.