The Garmin GAX10935 is a complete mounting and 12 volt power system for your Nuvi 300 Series GPS. The GAX10935 is perfect for the constant traveler as you can have a second mount and power cable to travel with you. If you also need a mounting setup in a second vehicle, the GAX10935 will let you keep a setup in each vehicle, just bring the Nuvi along. Garmin's complete suction cup mounting system including, suction cup with one cradle and 12V adapter for the Nuvi 300 series. Garmin # 010-10935-00

Garmin Suction Mt. w/ 12 volt for Nuvi 300's

Garmin Suction Mt. w/ 12 volt for Nuvi 300's.
GAX10935   MAN#: 010-10935-00   ID#: 1439
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