Raymarine RD418D 4KW Digital Radar

Huge power in a small package!

The Raymarine RD418D Digital Radar offers unmatched performance by using both digital and analog processing and with a 48nm maximum range scale and beam width of 4.9 degrees, you can be sure you're getting the best resolution and target detection available. The 418D uses Raynet networking for plug and play capabilities with e7/e95/e97/e125/e127/c95/c97/c125/c127/e165/eS75/eS77/eS78/eS97/eS98/eS127/eS128 multifunction displays and networks. A class leading 8 pulse width/PRF transmitter guarantees optimum performance through every range scale and Auto GST technology provides simple control of gain and sea clutter. The RD418D’s high powered 4kw transmitter also allows excellent penetration through rain and fog.

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RD418D Specs:
Diameter: 20.51 in.
Height: 9.72 in.
Weight: 21 lbs.
Max. Range Scale: 48nm
Peak Power Output: 4 kw
Horizontal Beam Width: 4.9 Degrees
Vertical Beam Width: 25 Degrees
Rotation Rate: 24 rpm

**Packed with 10m Radar Cable with Raynet Connector.

*Eligable for Raymarine 3-Year Warranty if product is registered within 90 days of purchase.

*If connecting to E-Series Classic, C-Series or E-Series Widescreen, additional Seatalk HS Network Cables may be required.

Raymarine RD418D 4KW Digital Radar

The Raymarine RD418D 4KW Digital Radar Dome provides superior target detection at a range up to 48nm. This 18" Radar is perfect for smaller fishing boats, sail boats or cruisers.
RAT70166   MAN#: T70166   ID#: 2140
Our Price: $999.95
Availability: In Stock
Condition: Brand New
Raymarine RD418D Special Features
  • 4kw transmitting power.
  • 4.9 degree horizontal beamwidth for enhanced target resolution.
  • 24RPM High-Speed rotation rate.


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