Shrimp Bolt-On with Cradle

Universal mounting ball-base and mounting flange, lanyard loop, along with our cradle for hand-held devices. The cradle has rubber- padded spring fingers that adjust to securely hold most hand-held devices 1-1/2" to 3-1/4" wide. The spring fingers and stop finger can be installed in any one of eight peripheral slots and tightened to best support your device. For longer devices the finger on top may be left off allowing the device to overhang the cradle base. Stainless steel mounting hardware is included.

The Shrimp Cradle Universal Mounting System is the safest way to mount your GPS to virtually any surface. It is constructed from engineered polymers and aluminum, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The design of the Shrimp Universal Cradle allows it to secure multiple types of electronics without compromising functionality. You can hold the Garmin Quest without blocking any buttons. The Shrimp Mount Universal Cradle features a locking system that is very versatile and unique in design. Setting up the mount to hold your electronics is easy with the adjustable tabs. These tabs are positioned in multiple locations within the cradle customizing the best fit. With more than one configuration, finding the system that works best for your device is a snap.

Shrimp Suction Cup Base with Universal Cradle
The Shrimp Universal Cradle connects to any M3-series mounting arms including the incredibly durable Shrimp Suction Cup Base. Tested on the outside of a windshield with over 100 mph winds, the Suction Cup Based proved that it is the best suction cup mount to have connected to your electronic device. They call it the "No Excuse" suction mounting system. Securely attaching your GPS or other electronic device to almost any smooth surface, while providing a quick release for easy portability and safekeeping.

Shrimp MC-ATV Base with Universal Cradle
MC/ATV mount used for vehicles such as: airplanes, boats, sailboats, ATV's, motorcycles, tractors, golf carts, snowmobile, jet skis, and campers. Holds devices such as: handheld GPS, satellite radio, 2-way radios, PDA's, mobile scanners, mobile phones, media players.

Shrimp Bolt-on Base with Universal Cradle
Bolt-on Base mount is used basically to mount to any surface permanently. It is designed to securely mount allowing full range of motion when the cradle is connected. Mainly used for marine application for boaters who like to have a fixed mount system for their GPS electronics.

Shrimp Bolt-On with Cradle

Shrimp Bolt-On with Cradle
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