Simrad AP28 Autopilot Display

Perfect Add-on to Larger Boats and Yachts

The Simrad AP28 is an autopilot control unit that features a large 6.8” x 4, 5” ultra-clear LCD display. With its large display size the AP28 is an excellent choice for leisure crafts ranging from 35-80ft. The AP28 offers a combination of push-buttons and rotary control dials so you can easily make fine adjustments to your course. The unit’s large, bright and highly visible numeric data make it easy to read, even from a distance. The AP28 features a user friendly interface connecting via NMEA 0183 or NMEA 2000 to the Simrad AC12 or AC42 Autopilot computer which allows you to share heading data with other devices.


Using the AP28 allows you to access and control system features such as Integrated Turn Pattern Mode that assists you with fishing, diving, or recovering a lost fender. To counteract the effects of wind and tide the No Drift Mode ensures your vessel stays on track while the Constant Depth Tracking Data feature makes sure you remain in a constant depth of water. Easy and precise turns are not a problem in rough sea conditions with the Rate of Control Feature. You can even navigate around obstructions without ever disengaging the autopilot by utilizing the Dodge Function. In addition view vital instrument data easily on the autopilot controller via the SimNet network with the Data Pages View feature.


For an aesthetically pleasing result the Simrad AP28 matches perfectly with IS20 instruments. With its easily readable numeric data, exceptional features, and user friendly operation, the AP28 is an exceptional controller for steering your boat.


Simrad AP28 Autopilot Display

The Simrad AP28 Autopilot Display provides you with more viewing area than its sister AP24 and a rotary control knob for more precise control of turns. The AP28 will also allow you to view needed information like course heading and rudder position.
NVX22096366   MAN#: 22096366   ID#: 3708
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Each AP28 Display comes with: AP28 Display, Protective Cover, Flush Mount Kit, Operator's Manual and a Two-Year Warranty.
Size: 6.8"W x 4.5"H x 1.88"D
Special Features
  • Large 6.8” Crystal Clear LCD Display
  • Highly Visible Large Numeric Data making it easy to read from a distance
  • Compatible with AC12 or AC42 Autopilot computer
  • Integrated Turn Patterns; a range of integrated turn patterns assist you with fishing, diving, or simply recovering a lost fender
  • No Drift Mode; combining the power of the autopilot and the GPS via the SimNet network allows you to operate in no drift mode


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