NMEA 2000 Compatible for Plug and Play Connection to GPS

The Simrad RS12 DSC VHF radio is a fixed mounted system that’s rugged and waterproof. Built with a custom, 4-lined display, all of your most important information such as Latitude, Longitude, Time, and Channel will be shown at all times. An easy-grip microphone with quick keys, provide reliable operation and the built in speaker will give you clear audio while you are speaking and while someone is in contact with you.

Class D DSC functionality and a dedicated distress button allows for transmitting a MAYDAY signal in emergency situations quickly and effectively. This radio can easily be connected to a GPS display through NMEA 2000 networking, and from there you can send and receive GPS positions. A GPS interface through NMEA 2000 is required to display MMSI information on your RS12 VHF radio. This VHF radio is also capable enough to store up to 10 distress calls and 20 individual DSC calls so you can recall them at a later time. Supporting all International marine channels means you can travel virtually anywhere and know that you will be able to be in contact with someone just to receive information or in a distress situation. The perfect option for a reliable radio source, the Simrad RS12 is the perfect option.

Simrad RS12 Class D DSC VHF Radio

The Simrad RS12 is a fully loaded Fixed Mount VHF Radio. Offering NMEA2000 connectivity, Class D DSC and 20 user programmable names with MMSI. The RS12 is a perfect VHF choice for any boat large or small.
NV10787001   MAN#: 000-10787-001   ID#: 3681
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Each RS12 comes with: RS12 VHF Radio, Yoke And Rear Flush Mounting Kit, Power And NMEA Interface Cables, Users Manuals and a Two-Year Warranty.

Simrad RS 12 VHF Special Features

  • Class D DSC.
  • Supports International Marine Channels.
  • Logs Up To 10 Distress Calls & 20 Individual DSC Calls.
  • Rugged & Waterproof (JIS-7).
  • NMEA 2000 Compatible.

Product Accessories for Simrad RS12 Class D DSC VHF Radio

Shakespeare Shim Kit for 4186 & 4187 Rachet Mount. Kit includes Four (4) Shims, two (2) with front/back slope and two (2) with side/side slope. Each shim adds a half-notch (5°) tilt.
Provides a neat, water resistant installation for RG-8/AU, 8X, 58, 59, 213 and Shakespeare Lo-Max coax cables.
Shakespeare 4187 Stainless Steel 4 Way Ratchet Mount.
Shakespeare 4188S SS Rail Ratchet Mount fits 7/8 to 1 inch rail
Shakespeare 4188SL SS Rail Ratchet Mount fits 1 to 1.5 inch rail.
The Shakespeare 4357-S FM/VHF Band Separator eliminates the need for a seperate AM/FM antenna by utilizing your existing VHF antenna.
Shakespeare 5018 17'6" VHF Ant 9dB
*Does not qualify for Flat Rate Shipping Special*
Shakespeare 5102 Centennial 8 foot VHF Antenna.
*Does not qualify for UPS Flat Rate Shipping Specials.
Shakespeare 5104 Centennial 4 Foot VHF Antenna, 3db performance with a high-gloss finish.
Shakespeare 5206-C 8 foot VHF Antenna.
*Does not qualify for UPS Flat Rate Shipping Specials.
Shakespeare 5225-XP 8' Galaxy VHF Antenna - 6dB Gain.
*Does not qualify for UPS 2 Day Shipping Special.
Shakespeare 5226-XT 8' Galaxy Black VHF Antenna - 6dB Gain.
*Does not qualify for UPS Flat Rate Shipping Specials.
Shakespeare 5230-XP 14' Galaxy VHF Antenna.
*Does not qualify for UPS 2 Day Shipping Special.
Shakespeare 5241-R 36 inch SS VHF Antenna.
Shakespeare 5400-XP 4' Galaxy VHF Antenna - 3dB Gain
Shakespeare 5911 Emergency VHF Antenna