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Perfect for The MultiSport Athlete

Waterproof Sunlight Viewable Hiking GPS

Garmin has taken practically every sport into consideration with the fenix 2 performer bundle. They have put together all the best features for outdoor and fitness and combined them into one ultimate training watch. Track your performance in real time and keep up with daily changes to achieve all of your fitness goals at every level. A built in high sensitivity GPS receiver displays accurate position, along with the built in altimeter which provides your ascent and decent rate. Add to that the barometer, which is used to predict weather changes due to variances in air pressure. Navigating has never been easier, the fenix 2 wristwatch records a track log and lets you mark waypoints just like a handheld GPS would do. The electronic compass keeps your bearing even when standing still.

With the included heart rate monitor you can keep up with calories burned and when using Garmin Connect you can see changes in heart rate over time allowing you to see on an actual graphic, peaks and low points during your workout. Things like heart beats per minute, and changes in heartbeat based on the most volume of oxygen you consume in a minute. Another great benefit of the optional heart rate monitor is how this is measured, VO2 max estimate is done by figuring the maximum capacity your body takes to transport and utilize oxygen during your workout regimen. 

Runners will love utilizing the included HRM-Run to collect data on cadence, ground contact time as well as vertical oscillation – a fancy name for your stride. The newest trend in the fitness community is sharing data with other users, a neat tool to encourage one another or see whether or not you need to step up your game. Use At a Glance to see your distance and pace as well as split times. Recovery time and Recovery check lets the fenix2 estimate the rate of recovery right after a run, as well as analyzing the first minutes of starting a run. Race predictor calculates a finish time based on your VO2 number.

Garmin has designed the fenix2 for all athletes, if you snowboard, swim or bike, the Garmin fenix2 is the multisport watch for you. Bluetooth connectivity, BaseCamp, Garmin Connect and VO2 max estimate, are options of how to get the most out of your fenix 2. Smart Connect lets you receive emails and texts right on the watch via an iPhone 4s or later. Take your fitness routine to the next level, and explore new ones with the Garmin fenix2.

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