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Magellan eXplorist 350H Hunt GPS
Item #: MA350H
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Made for Hunting by Hunters!

The Magellan Explorist 350H is a rugged, waterproof handheld GPS designed specifically for the avid hunter. Built reliable, the 350H is designed to withstand harsh outside conditions. With a longer lasting battery life than most units, the 350H is less likely to leave you stranded. Featuring a waterproof 2.2” color display for easy viewing in bright light conditions, a camouflage cover, and first-rate hunter specific features, the 350H provides you with the information you need for a successful hunt.

The Explorist 350H features over 30 hunt specific waypoints alleviating the need to stop and type in observations made along the way. With this feature you can easily mark game signs, look-outs, landmarks, water sources, shot locations, trails and more. Managing trail cameras is a cinch using custom camera waypoints to mark locations of your cameras so you can easily navigate back to them to check recordings and perform maintenance. Before hunting season begins the 350H allows you to plan and scout potential hunting grounds by downloading detailed imagery to your computer courtesy of the free one-year subscription to DigitalGlobe satellite imagery. When you are ready to go hunting simply upload this information to your handheld and you are ready to go!

Stay within legal hunting hours by utilizing the preloaded hunt calendar. This useful feature informs you of sunrise and sunset times, identifies moon phases and recommends prime hunting times based on sun and moon positioning and animal activity during these times. In addition, as a hunter it is important to know the restrictions and boundaries for Game Management Units (GMU) or Wildlife Management Units (WMU) that you are hunting in. The unit conveniently comes preloaded with detailed basemaps and high resolution topo overlay which gives you listings for all types of lands including forest service, private, state and federal lands and includes hunting boundaries for 49 states. The 350H gives you a visual indication of the GMU/WMU boundary on the map and also alerts you when approaching or leaving a GMU/WMU area so your hunt remains legal and you avoid costly fines. With its lightweight, waterproof design, long battery life, and exceptional hunter specific features, the Magellan Explorist 350H is a must have for your next hunt!

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