B&G Triton2 Speed, Depth, Wireless Wind Pack with Dual Displays

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B&G Triton2 Speed, Depth, Wireless Wind Pack with Dual Displays

View the data you need, when you need it. Packaged with Dual Triton2 Displays, The B&G Triton2 Speed, Depth and Wireless Wind pack comes with a Smart Triducer for speed and depth along with a WS320 wireless wind sensor for accurate wind data. Perfect for Cruisers and Club Racers!
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View Important Sailing Data on Dual Crystal Clear, Low Profile Displays with Wireless Wind Sensor!

Are you ready to see your speed, depth, and wind on dual 4.1” full color displays? Then, look no further than B&G’s Triton2 Dual Display Speed/Depth/Wind Instrument Pack. Optically Bonded displays will ensure that you are able to sail with no worries of fog or condensation blocking you from seeing the Transflective LCD screen during the day or night.

Packaged with a DST-810 transducer and WS320 Wireless Wind Sensor, accurate Depth, Speed, Temperature and Wind Data is displayed right on your Triton2. A single, Multi-sensor thru-hull transducer as well as the wireless configuration of the WS320 wind sensor allow for ease of installation without the need of running a cable thru your mast. Installing the Triton2 displays is a breeze with a straight forward front mounting method and clip on bezel over four mounting screws. With a single connection to the NMEA 2000 backbone your power and data will be carried with ease.

NMEA 2000 certification allows you to confidently connect the easy to use, soft-touch, and waterproof Triton2 Displays to your NMEA 2000 network and expand your B&G sailing experience in a wide variety of ways!

B&G Triton2 Speed, Depth, Wireless Wind Pack Box Contents

Each B&G Triton2 Speed, Depth, Wireless Wind Pack Comes with:
  • (2) Triton2 Digital Display
  • WS320 Wind Sensor with Wireless Interface
  • IDST-810 Multisensor Plastic ThruHull Triducer
  • Micro C Backbone Kit
  • Two Year Warranty

B&G Triton2 Speed, Depth, Wireless Wind Pack Key Features

  • Smart Triducer provides Speed, Depth and Temperature
  • 2 Customizable Triton2 Displays shows you what you want to see where you want to see it
  • Includes WS320 Wireless Wind Sensor
  • Simple, Easy to operate Display controlled by Soft Touch, Reliable, Waterproof buttons
  • NMEA2000 Certified.
  • Triton2 Display Size: 4.64"W x 4.52"H x 3.83“D