Furuno LH5000 Loudhailer and Intercom

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Furuno LH5000 Loudhailer and Intercom

The LH5000 from Furuno makes communication a breeze! A high performance, full featured system this unit incudes 2 hailers and 6 intercoms for a total of 8 channels. Includes Siren mode, Listen Back, alarm functions and more!
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Making Communications a breeze in all situations!

The Furuno LH-5000 is a PA system for your vessel built with 2 hailers and 6 intercoms offering 8 channels to hear and be heard on larger vessels. Quickly draw attention to your vessel through voice or via any of the 8 internationally recognized warning signals from the horns on the vessel.

When there is no time to spare and you need to alert nearby vessels of your presence, the Furuno LH-5000 has you covered. Regardless of limited visibility while on the water due to fog or while traveling at night, you can utilize up to 6 horn speakers with this one device, outputting power of 30 watts per speaker ensuring you are heard by anyone close by. Another great “safety” feature of the LH-5000 is the Siren Mode and Alarm mode that can alert you to a fire or theft when connected to the boats alarm or fire alert system.

Gain the ability to connect the LH-5000 through intercom speakers as well so you don’t have to worry about the warning signals you send to be sent through the two-way intercom speakers allowing you to still communicate with your crew in any situation. The Listen Back feature is important and allows sounds to be amplified through the built-in speaker allowing you to hear your crew whether they are on the dock, your boat deck, or anywhere else on or off the vessel through the two-way intercom speakers.

Built with multiple functionalities, you can also utilize your LH-5000 as audio player for CD’s or radio so music can be heard through the horn and intercom speakers. Personalize the Furuno LH-5000 with customizable names of channels so you know specifically who you are speaking to on the vessel as well. For a low cost communication device for your helm, the Furuno LH-5000 Loud Hailer is the preferred choice.

Furuno LH5000 Box Contents
Each Furuno LH5000 Comes with:
  • LH5000
  • Hanger and Hanger Knob
  • Tapping Screw
  • MIC-5000 Microphone and Microphone Hanger
  • Fuses
  • Flugh Mount Gasket and Template
  • Operators Manual
  • TwoYear Warranty
Furuno LH5000 Key Features
  • 8 Channel PA System – 2 Hailers and 6 Intercoms
  • Siren Mode will automatically emit warning signal
  • Includes Alarm Sensor
  • Customizable Intercom Channel Names
  • Size (Without Bracket): 8.7"W x 4.3"H x 4.3“D
Furuno LH5000 Manual - Click Here