Garmin SmartPump V2 Hydraulic Pump for Autopilots

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Garmin SmartPump V2 Hydraulic Pump for Autopilots

The Garmin SmartPump V2 Hydraulic Autopilot Pump for Reactor 40 Pilots provides a smaller footprint with the same power and efficiency as previous versions.
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The Garmin SmartPump V2 takes the guessing out of which pump size is needed for your particular boat. The smaller footprint of the V2 allows mounting in a wider range of locations. With the color coded connectors, installation has never been easier.

The Smartpump V2 is built from corrosion resistant components including anodized aluminum and nickel plated steel parts. The Brushless motor provides increased reliability, longer performance, and reduced power draw with higher efficiency.

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The Garmin Smartpump V2 is compatible with most hydraulic steered boats and comes with a manufacturer two-year warranty.