Garmin TACX FLUX S Smart Bike Trainer

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Garmin TACX FLUX S Smart Bike Trainer

Garmin’s TACX FLUX S is a top choice indoor training companion! Sweat while cycling with your favorite Apps. Accurate to 3%, the TACX S tracks performance and progress including power, speed and cadence. Smooth and Silent, the TACX S offers realistically simulated gradients up to 10%
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Smart, Direct-Drive Indoor Training Companion

The Garmin Tacx FLUX S Smart Trainer is the perfect indoor training companion while you cycle through your favorite riding apps. An extra quiet build, designed for vibration and noise levels to be at their absolute minimum, the FLUX S allows you to go into and stay in full training mode without disrupting others. Built with a heavy flywheel, the FLUX S ensures a more realistic riding experience, with simulated inclines up to a 10% gradient, with good responsiveness to ensure your training sessions are completed with confidence. Accurate and reliable, this Tacx smart trainer measures power, speed, and cadence within 3% so your training sessions are successful time after time.

Structured training plans are available and designed for your specific fitness level to ensure you meet your goals. Race live opponents, ride with 3D maps, and upload GPS data with the training plan that best suites your needs. A library filled with over 100 high-quality real-life videos provides each rider with their own adventure over steep hills or on cobblestone roads throughout different countries. The Garmin FLUX S can connect to multiple devices simultaneously so you can access Tacx Software and track your training performance right through your Garmin bike computer at the same time. Use your Tacx FLUX S in a stand-alone mode to simulate a flat road when not connected, giving you higher resistance the faster you ride!

Garmin TACX FLUX S Bike Trainer Box Contents

Each Garmin TACX FLUX S Bike Trainer Comes with:
  • Flux S Smart Trainer
  • Quick release for road bikes and mountain bikes (5 mm)
  • Axle end caps for use with 142 x 12 mm and 148 x 12 mm thru axles
  • 1-month Tacx Premium software
  • 1-month Zwift membership software trial
  • Two Year Warranty

Garmin TACX FLUX S Key Features

  • Measures Power, Speed and Cadence accurately within 3%
  • Maximum Stability even during sprints up to 1,5000 Watts
  • Realistic Simulated Inclines up to 10% Gradient
  • Heavy Flywheel provides realistic ride and good responsiveness
  • Direct Drive Trainer brings vibration and noise to the absolute lowest!
  • Size: 26.4"W x 25.3"H