Garmin GMR Fantom 24x Radar Dome in White with Seaview Radar Mount Bundle

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Garmin GMR Fantom 24x Radar Dome in White with Seaview Radar Mount Bundle

The Garmin Fantom 24x Radar and Seaview Radar Mount Bundle includes the standard Garmin Fantom 24x Radar in White and the Seaview Modular Radar Plate and Aft Raked Mount. Garmin’s GMR Fantom 24x builds on previous dome radars with 50W of output power and 60RPM rotation. The 24x radar has a 3.7-degree beam width.
Color: White
Mount: Aft
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Dome Radar with MotionScope Technology and Timed Transmit Mode!

If you are in the market for a new Radar the GMR Fantom 24X is a radar you can depend on. Simplified ease of operation with a friendly user interface the Fantom 24x is fully compatible with the Garmin GPSMAP 7x2, 7x3, 9x2, 9x3, 10x2, 12x2, 12x3, 7400, 7600, and 8000 series plotters! Plug and play connectivity makes installation easier than ever. The powerful Fantom 24X dome provides 50 watts of output power for long range with better target detection. The 60 RPM rotation speed has a faster screen refresh rate making this radar great when traveling at high speeds and also detects boats coming towards you sooner.

The power save selection provides the ability toCall for Help with Marine Electronics customize power draw versus performance, so you have the power when you need it and can conserve during your downtime. With dual range, the single antenna can provide split-screen images on your display side by side, with independent range settings and controls for both close and long range ensuring you are aware of your surroundings. With ranges from 20 feet to 48 nautical miles the 24X will help navigate in any situation that occurs.

The GMR Fantom 24X provides MotionScope Technology using the Doppler effect to find and highlight targets. The target changes red as it come towards and green as it moves away from the vessel. The auto gain and dynamic sea filter feature will automatically adjust itself to your surroundings providing you with the clearest radar image available. The Fantom 24X has an auto bird gain feature which will display flocks of birds, a feature that’s useful for finding fish. Simply overlay your radar image on your navigation map to ensure location and targets that surround you and add a heading sensor to your system for MARPA that will identify and track targets that may pose a collision threat to your vessel. The GMR Fantom 24X is the perfect solution for your radar needs providing a great addition to your Garmin System.

With the included Seaview Aft Mount mounting your radar just got easier with the 5" Seaview Radar mount with plate. Radar's also work better the higher they are mounted as it extends the horizon and raising your radar above a T-Top or hard top usually gets the radar above other antennas, lights or mounts for better performance.

Garmin GMR Fantom 24x Radar Dome in White with Seaview Radar Mount Bundle Box Contents

Each Garmin GMR Fantom 24x Radar Dome in White with Seaview Radar Mount Bundle Comes with:
  • Garmin GMR Fantom 24x
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Power Cable
  • Network Cable
  • Documentation
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Seaview Modular Radar Plate
  • Seaview 5" Radar Mount-Aft

Garmin GMR Fantom 24x Key Features

  • 50W Output Power
  • Adjustable Angular and Radial size of returns
  • MotionScope Technology – Highlights targets as they move toward or away from you
  • Dual Range
  • 60 RPM Rotation for a faster screen refresh
  • Size: 25.4” Diameter x 9.8” H
Garmin Fantom Installation Instructions- Click Here