Lowrance ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar System

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Lowrance ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar System

The Lowrance ActiveTarget 2 Live Sonar System provides crystal clear live-action sonar imagery with optimized image and stabilization settings. Enhanced beams show more detailed, smoother images. Live views include Forward, Down and Scout modes- allowing for the ultimate in real-time sonar!
Compatible Display Required, Sold Separately.
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Fishing just got easier with the Lowrance ActiveTarget2 Live Sonar system. Superior high-resolution images of structure and fish swimming, give an added peace of mind that your lure presentation is working, or, adjustments need to be made to ensure each cast is a successful one. From the second your lure hits the water, the ActiveTarget2 system catches the action of the fish striking your lure and you reeling in your catch to the surface in real time, in vivid detail. Enhancements to the beam that is broadcasted through the water make it possible to see much more detailed images further from the boat over previous systems.

A much smoother and more consistent image is displayed on your HDS Pro, HDS Live, HDS Carbon, or Elite FS series display for quicker interpretation of fish and structure like never before. When pairing the ActiveTarget2 with an HDS Pro series MFD, any angler can see multiple views simultaneously and enable new 180 and Scout Wide views for more effective bait tracking, taking the guess work out of sonar interpretation. Simply add an optional ActiveTarget2 system to gain these multiple view options on your HDS Pro series.

Different mounting options open up a new world under your boat. The ActiveTarget2 Live Sonar system includes a trolling motor mount along with Shaft Mounts for Forward, Down and Scout Views and a Motor Mount for Forward, Down, and Scout views (an additional bracket is required for a Scout + Scout Wide View). For a full system upgrade, the ActiveTarget2 Live Sonar can be combined with an HDS Pro, Ghost Trolling Motor, Active Imaging HD, Engine Integration and more for the ultimate fishing experience.

Lowrance ActiveTarget 2 Sonar System Box Contents

Each Lowrance ActiveTarget 2 Sonar System Comes with:
  • ActiveTarget transducer
  • Sonar module
  • 4.5m Ethernet cable
  • 4-Pin Power cable
  • Trolling motor shaft collar back (shaft mount)
  • Trolling motor shaft collar front (shaft mount)
  • Trolling motor bracket arm (shaft mount)
  • Transducer arm knobs, 2x
  • Hose clamp
  • Trolling motor scout arm (motor mount)
  • Trolling motor scout mounting bracket (motor mount)
  • Trolling motor down/forward mounting bracket (motor mount)
  • Mounting Screws, Nuts, Washers
  • 1 Year + 4 additional years of upgrade options Totaling 5 years

Lowrance ActiveTarget 2 Sonar System Key Features

  • 200’ Max Depth
  • See Mutiple Views Simultaneously on *HDS PRO ONLY
  • Forward, Down and Scout Modes
  • Enhanced Sonar Beams
  • Compatible with HDS® PRO, HDS® LIVE, HDS® Carbon and Elite FS™
  • Size: Module 8.63"W x 7.56"H x 2.86“D
  • Size: Transducer 5.90"W x 3.24"H x 2.28“D

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