B&G HALO20 24nm Radar

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B&G HALO20 24nm Radar

The HALO20 from B&G is a cost-effective, compact 20" dome radar with a 24NM range. Built with pulse compression technology, the HALO20 detects collision hazards and other targets in close range and up to 24 nautical miles away. Includes MARPA target tracking, InstantOn, Lower Power Consumption and more.
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InstantOn Radar with 24NM Range

The Halo 20 from B&G is a compact and economic option for smaller nearshore boaters all the way up to offshore cruisers. With the smaller 20"  design you re now able to fit the power of Halo radars on smaller vessels that tend to have less mounting area.

The Halo20 uses pulse compression technology to offer ranges of 24 Nautical Miles down to 6m (18ft) and includes InstantOn - instant on wakes Call for Help with Marine Electronicsthe unit from its low power standby mode, delivering high-speed radar coverage exactly when and where you need it. If you prefer, you can begin with your HALO20 Radar completely powered down and it s still only takes a matter of seconds before its up and running.

Simplified operation using the Harbor, Offshore, Weather, Bird, and custom modes automatically tune the HALO20 Radar's advanced signal processing to help ensure that targets can be seen clearly even in the toughest weather conditions.

Key Features:
  • 10W Pulse Compression
  • 24 nm range from a compact 20-inch dome
  • Unrivalled short range
  • Radiation safe
  • Easy operation with harbour, offshore and weather mode
  • MARPA target tracking
  • InstantOn
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Guard Zones

B&G HALO20 24nm Radar Box Contents
Each B&G HALO20 24nm Radar Comes with:
  • B&G HALO20 Radar Dome
  • 5M Radar Cable (000-14549-001)
  • 1.5M RJ45 to 5Pin Male Cable (000-14552-001)
  • Two Year Warranty
B&G HALO20 24nm Radar Key Features
  • InstantOn – Wakes up instantly from its low power standby mode
  • Close Range detection up to 24NM
  • 4.9° Horizontal Beamwidth, 25° Vertical Beamwidth
  • Easy operation with harbor, offshore and weather mode
  • Compact 20” Dome
  • Size: 20" Diameter x 8.8” Height
B&G HALO20 24nm Radar Manual- Click Here

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