Simrad OP50 Wired Remote - Portrait

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Simrad OP50 Wired Remote - Portrait

Simrad's OP50 Wired Remote for NSS Evo2, NSO Evo2 and NSS Evo3 MFD'S. The OP50 Portrait has multiple mounting options and includes a single control rotary dial and dedicated keys for MOB, Autopilot Engage/Standby, Home, Menu, Window, Mark/GoTo, Exit and Power.
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Wired Remote for NSS/NSO Evo2 & NSS Evo 3 Displays

The Simrad OP50 provides easy functionality through a user friendly key pad and rotary dial. Easy mounting in portrait orientation allows mounting for any application including a Flush mount and even mountable on your captain’s chair. With one simple NMEA 2000 cable, you’re able to control your NSS EVO2, NSO EVO2 and NSS EVO3 units. With designated buttons allowing easy functionality between units gives you more time to fish or relax while cruising. The Simrad OP50 offers more safety than ever with the integrated alarm. With a great design and functionality the Simrad OP50 will be a great addition to your Simrad network.

Simrad OP50 Details
Each OP50 comes with: Keypad, Molded 6' NMEA 2000 Cable, NMEA 2000 Tee Connector and a One-Year Warranty.