SiTex MDS-15WIFI 4kW 20” Radar

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SiTex MDS-15WIFI 4kW 20” Radar

The SiTex MDS-15WIFI Radar features a compact, 20-inch design and is equipped with WiFi connectivity. This 4kW radar is compatible with all Si-Tex NavPro units and provides high performance digital processing!
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Compact Radar for Si-Tex NavPro Displays!

The high-speed digital signal processing MDS-15 is ideal for mariners looking for a compact, yet powerful, Wi-Fi radar. The lightweight 20” radome makes for easy placement on your boat, so you can get full use out of the powerful 4kW output that has ranges from 1/8th – 36 nautical miles.

The MDS-15 is a multi-speed antenna that is compatible with all Si-Tex NavPro units. With short and medium range speeds of 36 RPM and a long-range speed of 24 RPM you will have peace of mind by being kept aware of your surroundings even on the windiest of days with a design that is resistant of relative wind speeds up to 100 knots. The antenna is perfectly comfortable working in conditions from -25°C to 70°C and a relative humidity of 93% at 40°C.

The Si-Tex MDS-15 replaces the MDS 12 WIFI.

SiTex MDS-15WIFI 4kW 20” Radar Box Contents

Each SiTex MDS-15 Network Radar Comes with:
  • MDS-15WIFI Radar
  • 2-Year Warranty

SiTex MDS-15WIFI 4kW 20” Radar Key Features

  • High Performance Digital Signal Processing.
  • Compatible with Si-Tex NavPro Units.
  • Multi-Speed Antenna.
  • 4kW High Power Output.
  • 1/8th of a Mile to 36 Mile Range.
  • Size: 20"W x 20"H x 11“D