C-MAP MAX Wide NA-M025 Canada West

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C-MAP MAX Wide NA-M025 Canada West

C-Map MAX Wide NA-M025 Canada West on C-Card
  • MAN#M-NA-M025
  • ID#: 2540
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C-Map MAX Wide NA-M025 Canada West on C-Card

Model - CMAPM025
  • Dynamic NavAids include detailed information on navigational aids, including name, color, information on frequency, range of the light, etc.
  • Dynamic tides and currents predict the time, level, direction and strength of currents and tides.
  • Guardian Alarm performs an automatic forward-scanning check for obstacles. Use this feature as an added backup to alert you if you head toward a potentially harmful object.
  • Photos and diagrams in high-definition of ports, marinas and significant navigational marks will help you to familiarize yourself with new destinations and passages.
  • Route-check is an extension of Guardian Alarm, helping keep you safe by indicating obstacles along the segments between waypoints.
  • Depths and land elevation show the usual depth information and the colors make it easy to distinguish different water depths and land elevations.
  • Detailed harbor charts so docking in unfamiliar ports is no problem. You have precise layouts of thousands of marinas, including slip spaces, restricted areas and other valuable navigation information.
  • Perspective view gives a bird's-eye view of your navigation area, it tilts the chart view to a 45-degree angle.
  • C-Marina Port Database has details on more marinas than other charts on the market. Displays harbor hours, harbor master contact info, nearby lodging and restaurants, VHF call-in details, photos and more.
  • Points of interest (PO Is) and road mapping helps whether you're looking for a restaurant or museum, you can find it in our extensive database of local services and cultural highlights.

C-Map MAX Wide NA-M025 Canada West

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