Magellan TR7 Cam Trail and Street GPS Navigator

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Magellan TR7 Cam Trail and Street GPS Navigator

Capture the moment with the Magellan TR7 Cam Navigator! The 7-Inch touchscreen displays a 2D Topo and 3D Basemap of the US and Canada, turn-by-turn trail and street navigation and over 160,000 preloaded trails! The rotatable built-in camera boasts Sony’s Premium STARVIS Sensor for superb video quality.
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7” Touchscreen Off-Road GPS with Preloaded Trails and Rotatable Camera!

The TR7 CAM is equipped with a 7" hi-definition touchscreen and Magellan’s award-winning off-road navigation software, which gives you turn-by-turn directions on hundreds of thousands of OHV trails and streets. The Magellan TR7 CAM Trail and Street GPS Navigator is a sleeker and more affordable version of the TRX7, but includes a rotatable STARVIS 2M pixel camera from SONY. The TR7 CAM also provides increased battery life and a higher resolution display over its predecessor the TR7.

The TR7 CAM comes preloaded with over 160,000 designated OHV routes from forest and public lands and includes Magellan’s award-winning street navigation to get you directly from your beginning point to the trail. Search trails using your TR7 or search for trails in a constantly growing crowdsourced track database on Magellan's trail database contains over 160,000 preloaded OHV routes and user-generated tracks created by fellow off-roaders. The community database is accessible by mobile device, desktop, tablet and crowd-sourced tracks contain personal observations so that you can search for them by location, rankings, track difficulty and more.

You’re able to share your progress with friends and family using the Social Post (hashtag) button, which sends an automatic Tweet from the trail. Your Tweet will post immediately if you’re using your phone as a hotspot, or it will automatically send once the TR7 CAM is connected to Wi-Fi. You’re even able to link your Instagram and Twitter accounts to share photo’s and other trail information on social media. When navigating a track with saved waypoints, you’ll see pop ups notifying you of any upcoming waypoints. By giving off-roaders access to this information, you can be more aware of your fellow off-roaders observations for safer and more enjoyable trail riding experiences.

Other TR7 CAM safety features include off-course notifications and Backtrack. The TR 7 CAM gives you a notification whenever you are off course to get your vehicle back on the proposed track. By the selecting the Backtrack feature at any point along your route, you’ll be guided safely back to your starting point, trailhead, or campsite. The Magellan TR7 CAM Trail and Street GPS Navigator was built by true off road enthusiast, for off road enthusiasts.

Magellan TR7 Cam Trail and Street GPS Navigator Box Contents
Each Magellan TR7 Cam Trail and Street GPS Navigator Comes with:
  • TR7 Cam GPS Receiver
  • Magellan Windshield Mount
  • USB Cord
  • USB Vehicle Power Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • AC Adapter
  • 1 Year Warranty
Magellan TR7 Cam Trail and Street GPS Navigator Key Features
  • Turn-by-Turn Trail and Street Navigation
  • TRX Trailhead Map Database and Planning Tools
  • Optional Gauge Overlay or Time-Lapse Modes for Adventure Video
  • Preloaded with Over 160,000 Trails in the USA
  • Rotatable Built-in Camera with Instant Playback on the Device
  • Size: 7.5"W x 4.3"H x 1.4“D

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