Si-Tex Explorer NavPro with WiFi and External GPS Antenna

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Si-Tex Explorer NavPro with WiFi and External GPS Antenna

The Explorer NavPro Charting System from Si-Tex is a Black Box System that can turn any VGA Display or PC Monitor into a full C-Map Charting System. Includes Wifi connectivity, NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 Ports and comes packaged with External GPS Smart Antenna.
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Multi-Function Black Box Navigation System

Si-Tex breaks new ground with the NavPro Black Box Multi-Function Navigator. Taking marine navigation to a new level, the NavPro Black Box system allows users to turn any HDMI flat panel monitor and turn it into a fully functional navigational display. Fully compatible with CMAP MAX charts (SD format), these charts will display highly detailed chart coverage for your specified area allowing for ease of navigation from point a to point b efficiently. Packaged with a 50 channel external antenna, the Explorer NavPro will lock into satellites quickly and accurately providing you with a constant feed of your current location with little to no delay. Easily use this unit as a standalone GPS or add the ES502 Fishfinder module to expand the horizon for what can be displayed.

Full NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 capabilities can also be achieved with your Si-Tex Explorer NavPro for interfacing with other on board electronics to share numerical data such as your Lat/Lon location. Your NavPro can numerically also display arrival times, speed, distance, course, and more. Supplied with a controller unit that can be mounted up to 6 feet away from the display, allowing for multiple mounting options, the SiTex Explorer Black Box controller can be mounted in a bulkhead, flush mounted, tabletop mounted, perfect for you to select which mounting option is suitable for your needs.

Wifi - When the NavPro is signed into a WIFi connection, it will automatically perform software updates as they become available. Also, there is a feature called Capt. Cloud which automatically backs up the user data to the cloud when the vessel returns to WiFi.

A straightforward, waterproof keypad controller allows for quick menu selections, map panning, and waypoint entering making navigating on the water easier than ever. Built with 4GB of internal memory, your Si-Tex NavPro can save waypoints, tracks, and more. The built in memory can also be expanded by a blank SD card as well to provide you with almost unlimited storage capabilities. For a unique navigational option for your vessel, the Si-Tex Explorer NavPro Black Box system is the option for you!

Si-Tex Explorer NavPro Details
Each Si-Tex Explorer NavPro comes with: Si-Tex Explorer Nav Pro, External GPS Antenna, Mounting Bracket with Knobs, Data Interface Cable, Manual and a Two-Year Warranty.
Size: 6”H 3 ½”W 3 ½”D
Si-Tex Explorer NavPro Special Features
  • Connects with Most LCD Monitors with HDMI Input
  • Packaged with 50 Channel GPS/WAAS Antenna
  • NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 Networking
  • Compatible with C-Map Max SD Charts
  • Tabletop, Bulkhead or Flush Mount Capabilities

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