Garmin TACX NEO Motion Plates

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Garmin TACX NEO Motion Plates

These easy-to-install plates provide multidirectional movement to your Garmin NEO, NEO 2, or NEO 2T smart trainer. With the TACX NEO Motion Plates, your indoor ride with feel as realistic as your outdoor adventures! *Compatible Trainer Required, Sold Separately.
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Bring Multidirectional Movement to your Garmin TACX NEO Trainer

Add the Garmin Tacx NEO Motion Plates to your compatible Garmin indoor trainer to gain multidirectional movement to your NEO, NEO 2 or NEO 2T trainer. NEO motion plates provide a super realistic ride mimicking on road conditions. This more realistic ride lends itself to better training sessions and follows the natural shifts of your body providing more effective training. The two-piece NEO motion plates attach magnetically to the underside of you trainer, for a quick and easy upgrade to your trainer. Dont worry- your trainers footprint will not increase and performance will be nearly silent! For an easy to install, cost effective upgrade to your Garmin trainer, the Tacx NEO Motion Plates are the perfect addition!

Garmin TACX NEO Motion Plates Box Contents

Each Garmin TACX NEO Motion Plates Comes with:
  • Motion Plates (left and right)
  • Motion Front Wheel Support
  • Documentation
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Garmin TACX NEO Motion Plates Key Features

    • Motion Plates Attach Magnetically for Easy Installation
    • Maintains the Compact Footprint of your Trainer
    • Virtually Silent!
    • Allows you to Adopt a More Natural Position
    • Secure and Balanced Motion Plates
    • Size: 22.9"W x 4.8"H x 4.0“D, Front wheel support tire compatibility up to 28mm
    Garmin Tacx NEO Motion Plates Owners Manual Click Here