Garmin Approach G80 Handheld Golf GPS

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Garmin Approach G80 Handheld Golf GPS

Garmin’s Approach G80 Handheld Golf GPS with 3.5” sunlight viewable color display and slim design is a top choice on the course or at the range! Preloaded with over 41,000 courses this handheld shows ball speed, club head speed, tempo, and more on the range and will provide distance to fairway, hazard, or front, back or middle of green on course.
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Golf GPS with Stat Tracking and Distance to Green!

Garmin introduces the first all-in-one premium golf handheld with GPS and integrated launch monitoring. A slim design and a large 3.5” sunlight readable display make this a great companion while you’re out on the course. The Approach G80 is preloaded with more than 41,000 worldwide colored courses with automatic updates ensuring you will stay up to speed with any new information that becomes available. Built with a rechargeable battery that last up to 15 hours with the GPS mode turned on means that battery life is one less thing you have to be concerned with while you are focusing on your game.

Once you are at your courseof choice, and you’re ready to play, use the Touch Targeting tool to touch any point on the display to show a precise distance to a hazard, landing area, or a specified spot on the fairway. Launch Monitoring technology comes into play when you want to track club head speeds, ball speeds, swing tempo, and more. All of these things can be used to analyze your performance at any time during play simply by pressing the quick access radar button.

New to the Approach G80 are the practice and game mode options. A dedicated warmup mode will offer simply feedback such as ball speed, tempo, and more and works with Tempo training to help evaluate backswing and downswing timings that are best for you. The Virtual Round mode can play 1-2 players on any of the 41,000 worldwide courses allowing you to compete in virtual tournaments by competing with other players around the world.

Some other key features of the Approach G80 like the Pinpointer which shows the direction of the green in a blind shot situation, PlaysLike Distances will allow you to adjust uphill or downhill shots based on elevation, and a Big Numbers Mode increases the font size making it easier to read yardage numbers. This device offers functionality and ease of use for any user and any skill level. Download the free Garmin Golf app to your compatible smartphone and you can compete with friends or other players, compare data, view rankings & stats and more. A great way to keep all of your playing information stored to be reviewed at a later date and even compare playing averages if you play the same course often. The Approach G80 is a great way to enhance your game, don’t head out on the course without it!

Garmin Approach G80 Golf GPS Box Contents
Each Approach G80 Comes with:
  • Approach G80
  • Trolley/cart mount
  • Lanyard carabiner
  • USB cable
  • Documentation
  • One Year Warranty
  • Size: 2.3"W x 4.5 "H x 0.6“D
Garmin Approach G80 Key Features
  • Bright 3.5: Sunlight Viewable Display
  • Preloaded with over 41,000 Courses
  • Stat Tracking
  • Touchscreen Display
  • Easier to read with Big Numbers Mode
Approach G80 Manual- Click Here

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