Garmin GMR 626 xHD2 6KW Digital Radar with 6' Open Array
  • Garmin GMR 626 xHD2 6KW Digital Radar with 6' Open Array
  • Garmin GMR 626 xHD2 6KW Digital Radar with 6' Open Array
  • Garmin GMR 626 xHD2 6KW Digital Radar with 6' Open Array

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Garmin GMR 626 xHD2 6KW Digital Radar with 6' Open Array

The Garmin 626 xHD2 radar is designed with the serious fisherman or cruiser in mind. Designed for boats over 50’ the 626 xHD2 has a narrow 1.1 degree beamwidth and 6kw of output power for exceptional target separation. A maximum range of 72 nautical miles. The xHD2 can also scan in dual range for better situation awareness. See storms, boats, buoys, land and birds in the dark or in the fog.
GA0001210   MAN#: K10-00012-10   ID#: 4244
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Increased Resolution and more detailed Radar image with a 1.1 degree beamwidth


The High Definition 6 kW GMR626 xHD2 6’ open array radar and pedestal from Garmin will deliver up to 72 nautical mile range in fog or heavy rain, and its 1.1’ beamwidth will deliver excellent target separation well off in the distance.

Providing the owner with a 6 kW 6’ open array that can provide range up to 72 nautical miles with excellent target separation because of its narrow 1.1’ beamwidth; this is a real benefit when locating entrance markers to a channel. With its Dynamic Auto Gain the GMR626 xHD2 automatically adjusts the gain to the best settings for harbors, near shore, and offshore open waters.

Another feature within the Garmin GMR626 xHD2 that is now automated is Dynamic Sea Filter Call for Help with Marine Electronics which adjusts the gain depending on the type of sea conditions you are experiencing, whether they are calm, medium, or rough. This 6’ open array is designed for the serious mariner and fisherman, and for vessels 50’ and larger, with its High Definition 6kW of power it paints a clear image of the targets on the screen.

The GMR626 xHD2 6’ Open Array has rotation speeds or 24 or 48 rpm which provide a fast screen refresh to detect target movement and the need possibly for course change to avoid a collision. The display used for the xHD 2 6’ open array radar can be split to display both: long range or close range targets, which is a great asset when navigating in the dark. The GMR 626 xHD2 can also sync with the chart display of your plotter showing your chart and what targets are around you.

Like all of Garmin’s radars the GMR 626 xHD2 6’ Open Array and Pedestal is also designed for ease of installation and use. There is nothing complex to set up once installed just turn it on and start using it, and you will receive reliable, optimum performance in all conditions.

Garmin GMR 626 xHD2 Details
Each Garmin GMR 626 xHD2 comes with: GMR 626 xHD2, Mounting hardware kit and template, Power cable (15 meters), Network cable (15 meters), Cable grommet, Documentation and a Two-Year Warranty.
Array Dimension :6’ - 76.25"W x 5"H x 6.75"D, 16.9lbs
Pedestal Dimension :20.5"W x 12.75"H x 12.5"D, 47.1lbs
Garmin GMR 626 xHD2 Special Features
  • 6 kW high-definition radar with 6-foot open array
  • Dual range radar with dual radar support
  • Easy to install and start using no complex user settings
  • High sensitivity with 1.1 degree horizontal beamwidth
  • Excellent target separation and reliable operation


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