Garmin GMR Fantom 6 with 6’ Open Array Radar

Garmin GMR Fantom 6 with 6’ Open Array Radar

Garmin’s Fantom 6 offers a 6’ Open Array Radar with 40W of power and a 1.25° beamwidth. Range detection as close as 20’ up to 72NM. Designed with MotionScope Doppler Technology the Fantom 6 uses the Doppler effect to not only detect but also highlight moving targets assisting in avoiding collisions, locating flocks of birds and tracking weather formations.
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6’ Open Array Radar with MotionScope Doppler Technology

The Garmin Fantom 6 six foot open array with pedestal is a big step forward in radar offering 40 watts of transmission power using solid state construction for clear, sharp images at close in or far out distances.

Adding MotionScope technology to the Fantom Radars, the GMR 6 uses the Doppler Effect to highlight moving targets to avoid potential collisions as well as spot flocks of birds and more accurately see weather on the screen. Pulse Compression in the GMR Fantom 6 also maximizes the high resolution energy to Call for Help with Marine Electronics enhance detection and identification of targets, along with this technology Garmin has also added a Pulse expansion setting that increases the size of the targets to make it easier to mark real targets from just noise.

Garmin wanted to make their radars easy to use for even the novice mariner, so they designed the Fantom series with a Solid State Transmitter which adds a power amplifier and therefore elimates the warm up wait time that is required by most magnetron radars and with the Fantom 6 like its little brother the Fantom 4 you can just turn it on and start seeing what is out there.

The GMR Fantom 6 radar will provide reliable, optimum performance in even the most adverse conditions. To achieve radar overlay on your chart, like most radars you would need either a heading sensor or compass to provide the GMR Fantom with a position to reference. Similar to the smaller Fantom 4 radar the GMR Fantom 6 is also capable of displaying and tracking of up to 10 selected MARPA targets helping to avoid collision.

If you are looking for an open array radar that offers all of the latest features and safety that newer systems provide then the Garmin GMR Fantom 6 is at the very top of the list.

Garmin GMR Fantom 6 Details
Each Garmin GMR Fantom 6 comes with: Garmin GMR Fantom 6, Mounting hardware kit and template, 15M Power Cable, 15M Network Cable,Software Update microSD/SD Card, Documentation and a Two-Year Warranty.
Full Assembly Size: 15.9"Height x 75.2" Diameter
Garmin GMR Fantom 6 Special Features
  • Detection Range from 20’ to 72NM.
  • Narrow 1.25° Beamwidth
  • MotionScope Detects and Highlights Moving Targets
  • 6’ Open Array with 40W of Power
  • Radar Overlay with Optional Heading Sensor or Autopilot


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