Garmin J1939 GPS to Yamaha Adapter Cable

Garmin J1939 GPS to Yamaha Adapter Cable

With the Yamaha to J1939 Adapter Cable you can have your compatible Yamaha engine data fully integrated with your J1939-equipped GPSMAP Chartplotter. Cable is approximately 3 feet long.
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Connect your J1939 equipped GPSMAP® 7400/7600/8400/8600 series chartplotter directly to your Yamaha engine bus multi-hub to bring Yamaha’s fully-integrated boat control system and custom touchscreen user interface to your Garmin installation.

*Installation requires a pigtail bus wire. Available for purchase at your local Yamaha dealer.


Pigtail Bus Wire Reference

  Yamaha Part Number     Description

  • 6Y8-82521-01-00   1 ft. Pigtail Bus Wire
  • 6Y8-82521-11-00   2 ft. Pigtail Bus Wire
  • 6Y8-82521-21-00   3 ft. Pigtail Bus Wire
  • 6Y8-82521-31-00   6 ft. Pigtail Bus Wire
  • 6Y8-82521-41-00   9 ft. Pigtail Bus Wire
  • 6Y8-82521-51-00   12 ft. Pigtail Bus Wire