Garmin Perspective Mode Mount for Livescope Plus and LVS 34

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Garmin Perspective Mode Mount for Livescope Plus and LVS 34

Pair your Panoptix Livescope LVS34 transducer with the Perspective Mode Mount and see below the surface like never before! Now you can see what's out front and what's around your boat with an overhead view point.
For Livescope Plus/LVS34 Transducer Only!
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See Fish Like Never Before with LiveScope Plus Perspective Mode!

Add the Garmin Perspective Mode Mount to your Panoptix LiveScope Plus System to take full advantage of 3 LiveScope views-LiveScope Forward, LiveScope Down and Perspective Mode! With Perspective Mode, you'll be able to see what's in front and below your boat from an overhead vantage point. This technology is ideal for shallow water under 50-feet and provides highly detailed, live scanning sonar perfect for finding fish and structure! With updated software, your chartplotter will auto-detect each mode taking the guesswork out of sonar interpretation. Easily move between each mode by manually rotating the mount- no tools necessary! Port and Starboard Decals are included with the mount.

This is the same perspective Mount that is included with the Garmin Livescope Plus and LVS34 Transducer

Garmin Livescope Plus Perspective Mode Mount Box Contents
Each Garmin Perspective Mode Mount comes with:
    • Livescope Plus Perspective Mode Mount
    • Mounting Hardware