Lumishore SMX11 Surface Mount Underwater LED Light - White

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Lumishore SMX11 Surface Mount Underwater LED Light - White

Lumishore's SMX11 Surface Mount Underwater LED Lights add bright underwater lighting to your vessel and are easy to install. Perfect for above or below the water line, the SMX-11 provides 60 degrees of light while only drawing 1 amp current from 12v.
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Easy to Install Bright Underwater Lights!

The SMX11 LED Light can be mounted above or below the water line simply by drilling a small hole for the cable and then three screws to fix the light in place, it just does not get any easier than that for mounting.  Power requirements to the SMX11 are minimal with just a 1 Amp current draw from 12 V.  The toughened BK7 Borosilicate lens of the SMX11 has been treated to increase its strength and provides clear light transmission and increased scratch resistance.  The 6 LED’s of the SMX11 have a life of 50,000+ hours for each LED which if you do the math is almost 6 years of constant use.  The SMX-11 comes with a one year warranty.  The slim design of the e-Lite SMX11 makes it a suitable for a wide range and size of vessels, and can be installed by the do it yourselfer who is willing to read and follow the installation instructions.

If you are looking for lights that can be installed easily and offer durability and performance, whether it is above or below the water line then you should definitely look at Lumishore’s e-Lite line and in particular the SMX11.


  • Fixture Lumens: 1,100
  • Beam Angle: 60°
  • Current @ 12V: 1.0A
  • Diameter: 3.34"
  • Profile: 0.51"