Raymarine RMK-10 Remote Keypad

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Raymarine RMK-10 Remote Keypad

Raymarine's RMK-10 Remote is a wired keypad that provides full control of Axiom, aSeries, cSeries, eSeries, eS Series and gS Series Multifunction Displays (MFDs) with dedicated keys for Home, Menu, Zoom In/Out, Window Control, Waypoint Management, power/brightness and even Evolution Autopilot Control the RMK10 is available as a Vertical (portrait)Installation only or as a Bundle with both portrait and landscape keypads. Choose Mounting option below.
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Wired Remote for Raymarine Axiom, a,c,e,eS and gS MFD's!

Compatible with the Raymarine a, c, e, eS, and gS series multifunction displays, the Raymarine RMK-10 is the perfect add-on accessory. Allowing for system control from any mounting location, the RMK-10 is easy to use and easy to install. Dedicated keys for zooming in and out, menu, home, waypoint management, Evolution Autopilot control and more make this device a snap to use. Purchase the right mounting kit for you, and your RMK-10 can be mounted portrait style or as a bundle allowing either portrait or landscaped mounting.

Raymarine RMK-10 Details
Each Raymarine RMK-10 comes with: Keypad, Portrait keypad mat,Landscape keypad mat (if T70293 option is selected), Mounting gasket, 4 x mounting fixings, Documentation pack, Right angled power cable 2m (6.6ft), RayNet network cable 2m (6.6ft)