Fusion ARX70 ANT Wireless Remote

Fusion ARX70 ANT Wireless Remote

Fusion ARX70B ANT Wireless Remote, Available in Black or White
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Forget about the hassle of cutouts and wires – you only need to stick the ARX remote on to any flat surface and press play to enjoy wireless audio control. Fitted with high bonding tape, the ARX70 is quick and easy to mount in almost any location. Stick your ARX70 where it is most convenient, whether it is the swim platform, bow, transom, cabin, or all of the above, for endless options when it comes to remote placement.

This remote can be used across a variety of Fusion ANT-enabled products including the 70 Series, 755 Series, StereoActive, Apollo RA770, Panel-Stereo, Panel-Stereo Outdoor, Garmin Tread Audio System and MS-BB100.

Unit Size: Approximately 2.5" Diameter

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