Garmin GMR Fantom 254 Radar with 4’ Open Array Antenna - Black

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Garmin GMR Fantom 254 Radar with 4’ Open Array Antenna - Black

Garmin’s Fantom 254 in black is a powerful solid state radar with 250 W of power and a detection range of 20 feet to 96 nautical miles. The Fantom 254 is paired with a 4-foot open array for exceptional target separation and 1.8-degree horizontal beamwidth. Features include Dual Range, Dynamic Auto Gain, Motionscope, and More!
Color: Black
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Powerful, Sleek and Stylish Solid State Radar in Black with 96 Mile Range!

If you are looking for top notch radar functionality for your Garmin GPSMAP MFD, look no further. The GMR Fantom 254 in Black is Garmin’s most powerful 4ft. open array, solid-state radar system with 250w of power and a 1.8 degree beamwidth. Call for Help with Marine Electronics Compatible with GPSMAP 7x2, 9x2, 10x2, 12x2, 7400, 7600, 8000, 8200, 8400, and 8600 series MFD’s, the Fantom 254 offers Pulse Compression technology that provides high-resolution imaging and helps you detect and identify targets more efficiently with True echo trails which will display a fading trail of moving targets while accounting for the movement of your own boat.

Motionscope Technology allows your GMR Fantom radar to detect and highlight moving targets in different colors to help you avoid potential collisions, find flocks of birds, and track weather. New to the Fantom series is Scan to Scan averaging. This feature ais in the reduction of sea clutter and interference ensuring every image displayed on your Garmin MFD is a clear high-resolution image. Also new to the Fantom 254 is the MARPA auto acquisition feature which is a mini automatic radar plotting aid allowing for triggering and tracking with no user prompting on all returns, boundary zones, guard zones, or MotionScope with the ability to track up to 30 moving targets.

The Fantom 254 instantly turns on with near silent operation and low power consumption while efficiently tracking targets and weather from 20ft. up to 96 nautical miles away. Dynamic sea filters will automatically adjust the gain within the Fantom radar to calm, medium, and rough sea conditions. Locating birds for fishing purposes can be a crucial part of a fisherman’s voyage. Easily detect flocks of birds on the water’s surface with the Auto Bird Gain feature in every 254 Fantom array. With the power to see more, the Garmin Fantom 254 is a must have addition to your vessel.

Garmin GMR Fantom 254 Radar with 4’ Open Array Antenna Box Contents
Each Garmin GMR Fantom 254 Radar with 4’ Open Array Antenna Comes with:
  • GMR Fantom 254 Pedestal in Black  010-01364-30
  • 4" Array in Black 010-01365-00 
  • Mounting hardware kit and template
  • Right angle power cable (15 meters)
  • Right angle network cable (15 meters)
  • Voltage converter
  • Documentation
  • 2 Year Warranty
Garmin GMR Fantom 254 Radar with 4’ Open Array Antenna Key Features
  • 6 Meter Minimum Range, 96nm Maximum Range
  • Motionscope Technology
  • Auto Bird Gain
  • Guard Zone Safety Feature
  • Automatic Dynamic Sea Filter
  • Overlays Radar onto your Compatible Garmin MFD
  • Pedestal: 16.6" x 14.3" x 10.7", Full assembly: 15.9" height x 51.8" diameter
Garmin Fantom 254 Radar Installation ManualClick Here

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