Si-Tex T-2041 4kW Radar with 25" Radome

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Si-Tex T-2041 4kW Radar with 25" Radome

The Si-Tex T-2041 Radar provides 4kW of power, a 25” Dome Radar Antenna reaching 36 nautical miles and paired with a 10.4 Color TFT LCD Display
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10.4” Bright Color Display paired with a 25” Radar Dome

The Si-Tex line of radars includes a 25” Radome that is paired with a large screen 10.4” color TFT LCD Display in the T2041. The T2041 is a dual speed antenna with rotation speeds of 24 and 48 rpm for high speed or river navigation and a 10.4 color display that can be split to show long and short range targets simultaneously so the captain can make navigation decisions using much more available data.

The 25” radome of the T2041 will provide a radar range of 36 nautical miles so you can see any targets at a sufficient distance to make any adjustments to course or speed. With its True Trail FunctionCall for Help with Marine Electronics you can easily spot moving targets and safely adjust for their direction and speed. The T2041 radar also has dual speed rotation for the radome which provides an almost seamless screen redraw when using 48 rpm, which you would chose for moving at speed or in a tighter channel situation, if you just want to sit or cruise at slower speed and view what is around you and also save power the 24 rpm setting is a better option.

If you have room for a standalone large screen display for your radar at your helm, then the Si-Tex T2041 10.4” color Display with 4kW 25” radome may be the option for you to look at.

Sitex T2041 Radar Box Contents
Each T2041 Radar comes with:
  • 25" Radome Antenna
  • 10.4" color LCD display unit
  • 10M connecting cable
  • DC power cable
  • installation and operation manual
  • 2-year parts, 1 year Labor manufacturer’s warranty
Sitex T2041 Radar Key Features
  • 10.4 Color TFT LCD Display.
  • Range Scale; 1/8th nm to 24 nm.
  • Dual Speed rotation.
  • Split Screen Display Capabilities.
  • 25" Radome with 4kW Output Power.