Simrad HALO 2006 with 6’ Open Array Radar

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Simrad HALO 2006 with 6’ Open Array Radar

The Simrad HALO 2006 Radar boasts 50W of power, equivalent to a 12KW magnetron radar. Short- and long- range target detection from 20’ to 72nm provide the ability to see targets near and far with exceptional clarity. The Simrad HALO 2000 series radars feature ZoneTrack technology, Dangerous Target Alerts, VelocityTrack Doppler Technology and a Dual Range Mode. The Halo 2006 has a 1.2 degree beam width.
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The Simrad Halo 2004 paired with 6’ open array with 1.2° beamwidth (0.8° with Beam sharpening mode on) is the next generation for navigational sophistication. This 50W open array radar offers longer range detection from 6m up to 72nm away with higher resolution target detection over previous Halo models. Safer navigation, peace of mind, and unparalleled ease of use are all brought to the table with this Halo series.

Solid-state technology means minimal warm-up time, ensuring you get on the water faster and safer while offering low-powered pulsed transmissions making it safe to run the Halo 2000 in harbors and marinas. An internal dual-range mode allows for simultaneous monitoring of weather cells off in the distance while keeping a close eye on navigational aids and other vessels up close. ZoneTrack brings a professional boating experience to recreational boaters with the ability to track up to 50 vessels within a specified defined area with course and speed information. Dangerous Target Alerts graphically highlight heading, bearing, and range of surrounding vessels, keeping your situational awareness at its peak.

Beam sharpening imaging will provide boaters with an enhanced separation between small or distant targets while Advanced digital signal processing aids in eliminating sea clutter enhancing your target view. Built with the same footprint as previous Halo radars, the Halo 2000 allows boaters to upgrade to superior technology, hassle-free. Compatible with Simrad chartplotters such as the NSS, NSO, NSX, and GO series, the Simrad Halo 2006 open array radar is the perfect addition to your vessel for safer navigation when you need it most.

Simrad HALO 2006 with 6’ Open Array Radar Box Contents

Each Simrad HALO 2006 with 6’ Open Array Radar Comes with:
  • Halo Antenna
  • Halo Radar Pedestal
  • Halo Power and Ethernet Cable (20m)
  • RI-50 Halo Power Supply
  • Ethernet Cable (6ft)
  • RJ45 to 5 pin F Ethernet Adapter
  • 2-Year Warranty

Simrad HALO 2006 with 6’ Open Array Radar Key Features

  • 20’ to 72nm Range
  • Compatible with Simrad NSS, NSX, NSO and GO Series
  • VelocityTrack Doppler Technology for Collision Avoidance
  • Simultaneous Dual Range Operation
  • ZoneTrack Tracking for up to 50 Targets per Area
  • Size: Pedestal- 12.76"W x 16.81"H x 13.35“D