Simrad Halo 24 Dome Radar

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Simrad Halo 24 Dome Radar

The Halo 24 from Simrad offers an industry first 60RPM operation with both long and short range targeting. VelocityTrack Doppler assists in collision avoidance by color coding targets depending on which way they are headed (toward or away from your vessel).
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Compact 24” Dome Radar with 60RPM’s!

The Simrad Halo 24 Dome Radar revolutionizes the radar industry for unsurpassed clarity, detection, and separation of targets at close and long ranges.

The Halo24 is perfect for sailboats, fishing and small powerboats. The compact 24” dome enables you to view two ranges at once so you can keep an eye on a far off storm along with nearby boaters and oncoming traffic. The use of 2 antennas and continuous wavelength measurement, instead of time based, makes broadband radar produce unparalleled close range performance down to 200 ft. with no dead zone around the vessel while still delivering a range of up to 48 NM.

The Halo24 is the industry’s first 60 RPM rotation at a range of up to 1.5 miles making it the ultimate collision avoidance device. This results in a full 360 degree sweep every single second. You will see updates at closer distances in near real-time.

VelocityTrack Doppler technology provides instantaneous viewing of targets around you by applying color codes to targets based on whether they are moving towards or away from your current position. Targets that are possibly a hazard or moving towards you will be shown as Yellow and targets not currently posing a threat or moving away from you will be shown as Blue while stationary targets will be Red. Add an optional heading sensor and the Simrad Halo24 may be overlaid on the charting page for pinpointing your location when used in low or no visibility conditions.

The advanced pulse compression technology with beam sharpening provides super clear target separation of smaller targets both at near and further distances. Startup on the Halo24 is a matter of seconds and you can turn on the standby mode so when you really need the radar, you get an instantaneous startup.

The Halo 24 from Simrad makes a great addition to your network setup. If you’re looking for an ideal radar to use in foggy, rainy, or tight conditions the Halo 24 not only meets but surpasses the test.

Simrad Halo 24 Box Contents
Each Halo 24 Comes with:
  • Halo 24 Dome Radar
  • 10M Radar Cable
  • RJ45 to 5 Pin Cable (1.5M)
  • RJ45 Waterproof Boot
  • Two Year Warranty
Simrad Halo 24 Key Features
  • 48nm Range packed into a compact 24” dome
  • Lightweight, Low profile design with LED Lights
  • MARPA target tracking – Track up to 10 targets, 20 in Dual Range Mode
  • VelocityTrack Doppler assists in Collision avoidance
  • Ready Instantly from Standby
  • Size: 8.9"H x 24“D
Simrad Halo 24 Manual - Click Here

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