FLIR M364C Stabilized Thermal and Low Light Camera

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FLIR M364C Stabilized Thermal and Low Light Camera

The rugged, all-weather design of the FLIR M364C makes it a top choice thermal and Low Light camera. The M364C boasts thermal resolution up to 640x512, a low light camera providing visible images in the most challenging lighting conditions and also assists in identifying color details like navigational lights and navigation aids. Horizontal stabilization and integrated Attitude Heading Reference Sensor refresh rates up to 30Hz as well as advanced gyro-stabilization.
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Thermal Imaging and Low Light Camera with 640x512 Resolution

FLIR’s M364C Stabilized Thermal and Low Light Camera offers 360-degree continuous pan and 90-degree tilt. Built with 2 cameras, the thermal camera provides a solution to situational awareness even in the darkest nights with 640 x 512 thermal resolution and 4x Continuous E-Zoom while the high definition ultra low light camera provides details visible in the most challenging light conditions while using the Color Thermal Vision (CTV). CTV blends visible details with thermal images, overlaying color images enabling the captain to positiviely identify nav aids as well as other vessels in the thermal scene. FLIR’s Boson Thermal Imaging Core provides thermal refresh rates up to 30Hz and advanced image processing.

The M364C is built to withstand the roughest seas Call for Help with Marine Electronicswhile still providing unmatched performance. Two-axis mechanical stabilization eliminates the effects of pitch, heave and yaw- providing accurate thermal images in critical moments. The built in Attitude Heading Reference Sensor provides horizontal stabilization to the camera keeping the camera on scene as you maneuver rough and unpredictable seas. FLIR’s proprietary Digital Detail Enhancement provides crisp, clear images by overcoming the problem of finding low contrast targets in high dynamic range scenes.

Pair the M364C with a Raymarine Axiom MFD to take advantage of FLIR’s ClearCruise Intelligent Thermal Analytics which provides audible and visual alerts when "non-water" objects such as a boat, buoy, or person is identified with your scene. You must have an Axiom display to have this feature.

Connecting the FLIR M364C has never been simpler. Dual H.264 IP Video Steams, HD-SDI lossless and analog video output make integrating your M364 easier than ever. The optional FLIR Joystick Control Unit allows for control of the 360° pan and +/- 90° tilt features from a non-Raymarine chartplotter. Want full control of your FLIR from your chartplotter? Select from Raymarine’s Axiom series and enjoy full multifunction display integration.

*Please note Garmin POE Coupler and Garmin Marine network cable are required when connecting to Compatible Garmin GPSMAP units.

FLIR M364C Box Contents
Each FLIR M364 Comes with:
  • M364C Thermal and Low Light Camera
  • Camera Base-Seal
  • Camera Gasket
  • Raynet-to-RJ45 Adaptor Cable (4.72”)
  • Right Angled RayNet-to-RayNet Cable (9.8’)
  • Right-Angled BNC-to-BNC Cable (9.8’)
  • Right-Angled 3 Pin Power Cable (9.8’)
  • Mounting Riser
  • 3 x Camera Fixings (nuts, done nuts, spring and flat washers and threaded studs)
  • 2 x Self-Adhesive Decals (for ball-down mounting only)
  • Documentation Pack
  • 2 Year Warranty
FLIR M364C Key Features
  • Advanced Gyro-Stabilization
  • Detect a Person in the Water at 2700 Feet
  • Thermal Resolution up to 640x512
  • Low Light Camera provides images in the toughest lighting conditions
  • Integrated Attitude Heading Reference Sensor (AHRS)
  • Size: 8.7"W x 12.25"H x 8.7“D
FLIR M364C Datasheet- Click Here
FLIR M364C Mounting Template- Click Here

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