Ocean Signal MOB1 Man Overboard Device with AIS

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Ocean Signal MOB1 Man Overboard Device with AIS

The Ocean Signal MOB1 is small in size and provides simple lifejacket installation with Integrated DSC Transmitter ensuring your position is sent out to AIS Receivers and Chartplotters within a 5 mile Radius (Weather Condition Dependent) – Manual or Automatic Activation with life jacket inflation.
  • MAN#740S-01551
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Man Overboard Device- Transmits your Position to all AIS devices in Area


The rescueME MOB1 is the worlds’ smallest personal locating, man overboard device, using GPS to identify your location and DSC to relay your location.

The MOB1 is small enough to connect to most inflatable lifejackets and will automatically activate when the jacket is inflated, and send its first alert within 15 seconds. The MOB1 uses its integrated DSC to send your location and identity, this signal is displayed on AIS equipped vessels and also VHF radios that are DSC capable. The MOB 1 will communicate with both, the vessel you have gone overboard from, and other vessels within a 5 mile area. Once you are in the water your position is communicated within a few meters plus the self contained strobe provides visual indication of your location.

The MOB1’s battery will allow it to operate for up to 24 hrs if a longer time is necessary to locate your position. Should the need arise for the MOB1 to be activated manually that feature is also included. Each MOB1 comes registered with its own identification number but also can be registered to the vessel using the free software provided by Ocean Signal.

As a captain of your ship you want and need to know where your crew is and if they are safe, the MOB1 will provide you with peace of mind knowing all hands are accounted for.

Ocean Signal MOB1 Details
Each Ocean Signal MOB1 comes with:Ocean Signal MOB1,Activation Tape, Mounting Bracket, Antenna Rewind Tool, Programming Adaptor and a Seven-Year Warranty.
Size:1.49"W x 5.27"H x 1.06"D
Ocean Signal MOB1 Special Features
  • Integrated DSC transmitter
  • Automatic Activation
  • Lifejacket integration
  • 24 hr. operation
  • Integrated strobe