Garmin GT34UHD-TH Thru-Hull Transducer (Single)

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Garmin GT34UHD-TH Thru-Hull Transducer (Single)

Garmin's GT34UHD-TH Thru-Hull transducer pairs with the GCV20 UHD Sonar Box for exceptional underwater images. Designed to work on boats with less than a 5°deadrise.
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The GT34-UHD Thru-Hull Transducer pairs with Garmin's GCV20 Ultra-High Definition Sonar box to provide exceptional underwater images in near photo-like detail. With a downward facing element and frequencies ranging from 800kHz to 1,200kHz images are crisp and clear below and to the left and right of your boat. Designed to work on boats with less than a 5° deadrise

  • Ultra High Definition ClearVu:0.8MHz (800kHz) CHIRP Range: 760-880 kHz
  • Ultra High Definition SideVu:1.2MHz (1,200kHz) CHIRP Range: 1,060-1,170 kHz
  • Maximum Depths: 200' UHD ClearVu & 125' each side UHD SideVu - 250' total - Max Depth 30'
  • 12 Pin Connection
  • 20' Transducer Cable Length
Garmin GT34UHD-THP Have a deadrise of over 5-degrees?
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