Garmin LiveScope PLUS LVS34-IF Transducer

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Garmin LiveScope PLUS LVS34-IF Transducer

Pair the LVS34-IF Ice Fishing transducer with a GLS10 black box (sold separately), to achieve improved LiveScope resolution, reduced noise, clearer images and better target separation! The LVS34-IF is durable and features a flexible cable designed to remain flexible in cold-weather!
GLS 10 Black Box Required, not included.
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Get Improved Clarity and Resolution with the LVS34 Ice Fishing Transducer!

The LVS34-IF ice fishing transducer, when paired with a GLS10 black box, required and sold separately, provides real-time sonar imagery! See fish react and respond to your lure in real-time and adjust your fishing style accordingly. Get both LiveScope Down and LiveScope Forward modes in this single transducer. Garmin has revamped the transducer cable to stay flexible in the cold!

Garmin LiveScope Plus LVS34-IF Transducer Box Contents

Each Garmin LiveScope Plus LVS34-IF Transducer Comes with:
  • LiveScope Plus LVS34-IF Transducer
  • 0-Degree LiveScope Pole Mount
  • Documentation
  • 1-Year Warranty