Raymarine RV-420 RealVision 3D Stainless Steel Thru-Hull Transducer Pair 20°

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Raymarine RV-420 RealVision 3D Stainless Steel Thru-Hull Transducer Pair 20°

The RV420 Stainless Steel Thru-Hull Transducer pair from Raymarine provide RealVision Sonar to Compatible Axiom RV and Axiom PRO RVX Displays. View Structure and Fish with life-like quality of RV 3D Sonar. Designed for boats with a deadrise of 14°-26°
  • SKURAXT70451
  • MAN#T70451
  • ID#: 6441
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This stainless-steel all-in-one through hull transducer option is the perfect addition to inboard and outboard powerboats with fiberglass, wood, or metal hulls. A sleek low profile design allows for effortless transmission through the water without causing drag or cavitation and works great for trailered boats. A built-in tilt and no fairing block to cut makes installation easier than ever.

Built to accommodate a hull deadrise from 14° to 26° degrees, one transducer transmits and receives to the port side and downwards and the other to the starboard side and downwards, ensuring a full 180° underwater view on boats with deep keels.

Easily identify structure and locate fish with life like clarity of RealVision 3D sonar. This 4 channel wide spectrum CHIRP transducer with DownVision, SideVision, and conical CHIRP targeting provides every angler with an unsurpassed sonar experience. Built in attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) stabilize the sonar image while your vessel is in motion ensuring every image provided is the clearest possible.